We are

D i g i t a l & v i r t u o s o

A team of

Artists & Creatives

The secret behind our clients‘ success is obvious to anyone who has made music the center of their creativity:

„It must come from the heart what is to work on hearts.“

Who we are and why we can achieve such results for you too?

Cool tones
A triad of

Music, Marketing & Digital Expertise

There are three types of advertising: loud – louder – and dishonest. Because with advertising, you’re usually aiming for the head, to hit the wallet. That’s why we prefer communication and honest enthusiasm. Because with this we aim at the head to hit the heart.

In the age of digitization, competition of values will become more important than competition of prices in the long term. Anyone can do 0815. Individual class stands out.

Art and music, as well as the players in the background, still too often do not receive the appreciation and monetary recognition they deserve.

As digital virtuosos, we want to do our part to change that. Because we are driven by the same passion as you. If you’re not successful, neither are we.

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W i t h t h e G e r m a n A g e n c y A w a r d

We have been serving instrument makers, orchestras, musicians, educators and musical businesses as well as associations & foundations for over 5 years now.

We always take a holistic approach to individual goals. That’s why the „triad of marketing“ is the central pillar of our work – because digital success can only be achieved through the harmony of identity, appearance and reach.

Without false modesty we can say: The results we achieve with this claim are excellent. For example, three years in a row with the German Agency Award in these categories:

2019 – Search engine optimization
2020 – Brand strategy
2021 – Website optimization

And recently nominated for the „German Brand Award 2023,“ the most important prize for exceptional brand success in the German-speaking world.

You stand

In the center

Each year we work with only a handful of people and companies. So you can trust that we have your goals firmly in mind.

Because we are a team of artists and music makers ourselves, we know exactly what you need and what works. We know the peculiarities of this particular industry.

As a team, we come together on a project-by-project basis – so we can guarantee that exactly the right experts come together for you. Exactly to the extent that you need it. Flexible and individual – just as the music world and your goals require.

Experience live!

- The marketing stage -

Experience live what we can achieve for you – soon the Zoom event will start again every Sunday evening at 6 p.m. where we answer live your most important questions about website, social media, brand building, content & co and directly help some lucky guests to create a crystal clear roadmap for your appearance.

Bring your presence

To a new level

Let’s talk in person and without obligation. You’ll get direct free input on how to take your digital presence to the next level.

You are in

Best company


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That’s how Lisa came to us:

Lisa had done everything herself – her website, her videos, her writing – but she realized that wasn’t up to her standards.

That’s how she is today:

Today, Lisa has a website that is 100% her, has a waiting list for her instruments, and at the same time is calling in higher prices.

This is what she says about us

„I’m booked solid all year and notice that I get significantly more orders and contact requests than before.“

That’s how Philippe came to us:

The unique competence as a professional musician and filmmaker should finally get a worthy frame.

That’s how he is today:

The new appearance will increasingly attract and convince major players such as opera festivals, broadcasting houses and international brands.

This is what he says about us:

„It is absolutely worthwhile to invest in your own appearance. It’s a way to present your brand on a whole different level!“


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Mit dem Laden des Videos akzeptieren Sie die Datenschutzerklärung von Vimeo.
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That’s how the Würzburg Piano Trio came to us:

The website was outdated, the digital presence well below artistic class.

That’s how the trio feels today:

A completely new brand image creates a huge response and new attention via Google, website & social media.

This is what they say about us:

„We have a very different view of ourselves as a trio today. We can make our uniqueness more tangible and communicate it.

That’s how Matthias came to us:

Matthias had built his old site himself and wanted to present not only his artistic work, but also high-priced mentoring on a new level.

That’s how he is today:

Matthias has a waiting list for his mentoring and at the same time is performing more and more freely again than before.

This is what it says about us:

„An incredible transformation – today I can finally live the life as an artist that I have longed for for so many years.“


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A look into

Your future

How could this work for you What do you need and how much does it cost?

A simple, free consultation will bring clarity to your questions and your path forward, with or without us. Basically, we work in three simple steps:


Based on your goals, a plan is created that fits your budget and desires.


We take on implementation and responsibility. You can get involved or sit back.


Your appearance triggers pride in you, selling is easy and appreciation increases.

100% free

W e b s i t e f o r H e l l m i c h v i o l i n s

Project outline

Appeal to and convince the right customers with a unique value proposition.

A c c o r d i o n w i t h M a t t h i a s M a t z k e

Project outline

Digital presence and reach strategy for a unique coaching concept.

W o r l d - C l a s s w i t h K o l b e r g

Project outline

Everything new – an appearance that sets standards in line with its own value proposition.

"I can already confirm after the first month that the website attracts my desired customers and makes so many things easier for me."

- Matthias Matzke -

"I'm booked solid all year and notice that I get significantly more orders and contact requests than before."

- Lisa Hellmich -

"By working with Digital Virtuosos, we've more than doubled our global reach in a sustainable way."

- Knut Schiedmayer -

"The implementation by Digital Virtuosos made the relaunch of our website a pleasantly unexciting project with a wonderful end result."

- Philippe Ohl -

"Digital Virtuosos are the first agency that really understands us and, more importantly, our market."

- Klaus Kolberg -

"Anyone planning a new website should contact Digital Virtuosos."

- Piano Trio Würzburg -