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Music in your heart

As an instrument maker, musician, teacher, musical institution or business, you enable people to make or enjoy music in a fulfilling way.

You enable them to rise above and experience new musical worlds. No question: You and your work are unique.

But how do you make that tangible, visible, perceptible? How can you set the tone digitally, present yourself in a way that increases success, and reach exactly those people who value you and your offerings?


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Each of the projects on this website is a matter of the heart.
For our customers and therefore also for us.

Hellmich Violins

Liebe für's Leben

Geigenbauerin Lisa Hellmich hat eine neue Website, die dieses Wertversprechen zum Ausdruck bringt und genau die Kunden anspricht, mit denen sie am liebsten arbeitet.

Matthias Matzke

Akkordeon Mentoring

„Spiele Akkordeon, wie du dich selbst noch nie gehört hast“ – wie eine neue Website & Landingpage dabei helfen, den Markt zu revolutionieren.

Kolberg Percussion GmbH

World-Class Sounds

Neuer Webshop, überarbeitetes Branding und eine neue Marketing-Strategie – wie die Kolberg Percussion GmbH nun auch digital Maßstäbe setzt.

Klaviertrio WÜrzburg

Musikalischen Hochgenuss

Verspricht nun auch der digitale Auftritt des arrivierten Trios und unterstreicht deren Klasse.

Schiedmayer Celesta GmbH

Weltweit die Nr.1

Wie die Schiedmayer Celesta GmbH in sechs Monaten zur weltweiten Nr. 1 bei Google wurde und die digitale Sichtbarkeit um über 100% gesteigert hat.



Wie Philippe Ohl und sein Produktionsteam aus erfahrenden Berufsmusikern und Kulturschaffenden  sich mit ihrem digitalen Auftritt neu positionieren.


What we can master for you

As digital virtuosos, we make sure that you and your offers get where they belong: as No. 1 in the heads and hearts of people and at the top of Google & Co.

On this basis we offer:

Cool tones


How about having your DNA felt through every pore of your performance? When everyone knows exactly what you stand for and what makes your offer exceptional?

A strong, consciously positioned brand is the basis for your digital success.



Inspiring impact, tangible authenticity and irresistible persuasiveness.

You get a digital presence that really suits you, convinces prospects and makes a lasting first impression.

Young woman using smart phone,Social media concept.


You want people to find you and not pass you by anymore? Then set the tone digitally as well!

We have an excellent command of the claviature of online marketing – as proven by the jury of the German Agency Award 2019 & 2021.

"I can already confirm after the first month that the website attracts my desired customers and makes so many things easier for me."

- Matthias Matzke -

"I'm booked solid all year and notice that I get significantly more orders and contact requests than before."

- Lisa Hellmich -

"By working with Digital Virtuosos, we've more than doubled our global reach in a sustainable way."

- Knut Schiedmayer -

"The implementation by Digital Virtuosos made the relaunch of our website a pleasantly unexciting project with a wonderful end result."

- Philippe Ohl -

"Digital Virtuosos are the first agency that really understands us and, more importantly, our market."

- Klaus Kolberg -

"Anyone planning a new website should contact Digital Virtuosos."

- Piano Trio Würzburg -

About us

D i g i t a l & v i r t u o s o


We are web artists with a musician’s heart and combine marketing, music and digital expertise in equal measure.

We are web artists with a musician’s heart and combine marketing, music and digital expertise in equal measure.

3 x Awarded

W i t h t h e G e r m a n A g e n c y A w a r d

Because for an authentic appearance and effective marketing, it takes more than beautiful design and euphonious words.

In addition to profound know-how and sincere enthusiasm, one thing is needed above all: a shared passion.

Without false modesty we can say: The results we achieve with this claim are excellent. For example, three years in a row with the German Agency Award – and recently nominated for the „German Brand Award 2023“.

Cool tones
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How could this work for you What do you need and how much does it cost?

A no-obligation initial consultation will give you clarity and valuable insights for your future path, with or without us.

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Got bigger goals than just a new website or a few more followers? The premium program „Digital durchstarten“ offers you customized support to help you achieve your goals. Only 4 places are awarded each year.