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Almost everyone knows the heavenly sound of the celesta from soundtracks like Harry Potter or Tchaikovsky’s Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy.

The world’s only manufacturer of the instrument according to the specifications of the patent has stood for the highest craftsmanship for almost 300 years.

But when someone searched the web for information about the Celesta, they found mostly poor, erroneous information and instruments that did not conform to the patented design.

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A s m a r k e t l e a d e r

To make the website even more appealing, the content was upgraded and expanded both visually and in terms of content. This increased dwell time and interactions.

We placed particular emphasis on making the rather pragmatic product presentation more emotional. Individual product texts, more interactive elements (audio samples, testimonials, etc.) and a visual overhaul now give the instruments a worthy setting.

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N o . 1 w o r l d w i d e

Schiedmayer should be displayed in the top 3 worldwide, in Google searches such as „celesta“ or „celesta for sale“. The goal: Whoever searches for Celesta must find Schiedmayer.

In addition, the number of contact requests should be increased so that the additional visibility pays off.

Google optimization catapulted Schiedmayer Celesta GmbH directly into first place worldwide for the keyword „Celesta“ after just a few months. The own Youtube video was suggested in 3rd place on Google and even Wikipedia now accessed images of the Schiedmayer Celestas.

Organic reach increased by over 100%, as did the number of contact requests.

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"By working together, we have more than doubled our global reach in a sustainable way."

– Knut Schiedmayer, Managing Director –


C o n s u l t i n g

The enormous measurable successes were the result of a strategy designed together with Managing Director Knut Schiedmayer.

Part of this strategy was also to publish a new digital reference work for the Celesta on the website, which is more comprehensive and modern than any other source on the web.

This allowed the company to achieve its goal. If you look for „Celesta“ today, you will find „Schiedmayer“.

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The appearance

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Schiedmayer already had a high-quality website, which was optimized by us. It’s worth a look!

About result & collaboration

Knut Schiedmayer:

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Everything new – an appearance that sets standards in line with its own value proposition.

"I can already confirm after the first month that the website attracts my desired customers and makes so many things easier for me."

- Matthias Matzke -

"I'm booked solid all year and notice that I get significantly more orders and contact requests than before."

- Lisa Hellmich -

"By working with Digital Virtuosos, we've more than doubled our global reach in a sustainable way."

- Knut Schiedmayer -

"The implementation by Digital Virtuosos made the relaunch of our website a pleasantly unexciting project with a wonderful end result."

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