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T h e h e a r t o f y o u r d i g i t a l s u c c e s s

How about

Your passion...

… your claim and your love for music jumps like a spark to people already at the first sight of your website and not only informs them, but inspires and convinces them?


Your website is your stage

Even before the first word is read, the design of your website or store has already made a promise about the quality of its content.

That’s why we create your appearance with the same demand that you place on your work. Authentically implemented, it conveys values and emotions in this way quite automatically.

The result is a harmonious triad of smart technology, clever web design and tangible passion.which skilfully directs the attention of your visitors and thus increases your success.

On this basis we offer:

Connect with people and create the foundation for enthusiasm, appreciation and willingness to act!


The sound makes the music

You can’t buy anything from a website that is merely beautiful. To achieve your goals, you need words that speak the right language and pictures that are worth seeing. With feeling, understanding and expertise.

Because in addition to a coherent framework, the content is crucial for a successful presentation. Marketing and music have something in common. With both, you can quickly tell if the actors have their hearts in it.

We find a language that honestly and authentically describes what makes you tick. To this end, we create fine texts and (audio-)visual media that have an impact on the target group. 

In this way, we not only arouse people’s sympathy and interest, but also their willingness to invest.

On this basis we offer:

Our culture-specialized network of photographers, filmmakers & copywriters provides support as needed.


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Clarity & Results

Your presence is the heart of your digital presence.

If you’re planning to set this up again, or are already in the process of implementing it, inevitable challenges and uncertainties arise. Ignorance also plays a big role.

We often hear the phrase, „If only we had known you sooner.“ Because a successful appearance and effective marketing quickly become a time and cost trap.

With our advice, the result will be worth the price for you.

A look into

Your future

How could this work for you What do you need and how much does it cost?

A no-obligation initial consultation will give you clarity and valuable insights for your future path, with or without us.

About us

D i g i t a l & v i r t u o s o


We are web artists with a musician’s heart and combine marketing, music and digital expertise in equal measure.

We are web artists with a musician’s heart and combine marketing, music and digital expertise in equal measure.

3 x Awarded

W i t h t h e G e r m a n A g e n c y A w a r d

Because for an authentic appearance and effective marketing, it takes more than beautiful design and euphonious words.

In addition to profound know-how and sincere enthusiasm, one thing is needed above all: a shared passion.

Without false modesty we can say: The results we achieve with this claim are excellent. For example, three years in a row with the German Agency Award – and recently nominated for the „German Brand Award 2023“.

Cool tones
"I can already confirm after the first month that the website attracts my desired customers and makes so many things easier for me."

- Matthias Matzke -

"I'm booked solid all year and notice that I get significantly more orders and contact requests than before."

- Lisa Hellmich -

"By working with Digital Virtuosos, we've more than doubled our global reach in a sustainable way."

- Knut Schiedmayer -

"The implementation by Digital Virtuosos made the relaunch of our website a pleasantly unexciting project with a wonderful end result."

- Philippe Ohl -

"Digital Virtuosos are the first agency that really understands us and, more importantly, our market."

- Klaus Kolberg -

"Anyone planning a new website should contact Digital Virtuosos."

- Piano Trio Würzburg -


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An appearance that sets standards in accordance with its own value proposition.