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Visible. Noticeable.

Who are you? What sets you apart? What do you want to achieve?
Create a crystal clear digital identity that inspires!

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Create the basis

What do you stand for and how have you positioned yourself in the minds of your target audience? How will this change in the future?

The answers to these don’t just make the difference between arbitrary mediocrity or a performance that fills you with pride. They also determine whether you appeal to and convince the right people.

On this basis we offer:

With an eye for the essential, for the special and for the detail, we ask the right questions and find answers with unleashing effect.


The heart of your brand

Simply put, your brand is what other people think, feel and say about you.

It is the sum of characteristic feelings, perceptions, notions and ideas that others attribute to you or your company. It makes you unique. Uncopyable.

Because there is nothing more valuable than being able to make your own DNA visible, tangible. Quite without words.

And there’s more to it than pretty colors or a logo. What exactly you need can be found out quickly.

On this basis we offer:

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Find your tone

Our consulting services are just right for you if you are planning to revise your brand identity or are already in the process of doing so.

Each of us is „operationally blind“ in our own performance. Even brand experts often bring in an outsider to benefit from a profitable view from the outside and to professionally reflect on their own ideas.

During a consultation, new possibilities, awareness of what is needed, and a clear roadmap to the goal emerge. This not only avoids expensive missteps, the result brings all the more joy!

On this basis, we offer by appointment:

A look into

Your future

What does it all look like to you? What do you need and how much does it cost?

A no-obligation initial consultation will give you clarity and valuable insights for your future path, with or without us.

About us

D i g i t a l & v i r t u o s o


We are web artists with a musician’s heart and combine marketing, music and digital expertise in equal measure.

We are web artists with a musician’s heart and combine marketing, music and digital expertise in equal measure.

3 x Excellent

W i t h t h e G e r m a n A g e n c y A w a r d

Because for an authentic appearance and effective marketing, it takes more than beautiful design and euphonious words.

In addition to profound know-how and sincere enthusiasm, one thing is needed above all: a shared passion.

Without false modesty we can say: The results we achieve with this claim are excellent. For example, three years in a row with the German Agency Award – and recently nominated for the „German Brand Award 2023“.

Cool tones
"I can already confirm after the first month that the website attracts my desired customers and makes so many things easier for me."

- Matthias Matzke -

"I'm booked solid all year and notice that I get significantly more orders and contact requests than before."

- Lisa Hellmich -

"By working with Digital Virtuosos, we've more than doubled our global reach in a sustainable way."

- Knut Schiedmayer -

"The implementation by Digital Virtuosos made the relaunch of our website a pleasantly unexciting project with a wonderful end result."

- Philippe Ohl -

"Digital Virtuosos are the first agency that really understands us and, more importantly, our market."

- Klaus Kolberg -

"Anyone planning a new website should contact Digital Virtuosos."

- Piano Trio Würzburg -


R e q u e s t

Want to know what’s possible for you? Then let’s talk without obligation.

A c c o r d i o n w i t h M a t t h i a s M a t z k e

Project outline

Digital presence and reach strategy for a unique coaching concept.

W e b s i t e f o r H e l l m i c h V i o l i n s

Project outline

Appeal to and convince the right customers with a unique value proposition.